Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Lazy Day

Today was a very lazy day. I had the day off due to a civic holiday and the weather was such that staying inside and reading until my brain melted seemed to be a good idea.

I was delighted to get a book from Chapters in the mail this morning about 930 or so, and then perplexed when at 1230 when I was more than halfway through the book the doorbell rings and the mailperson delivers a second copy of said book ! This was after an email/phone call to Chapters customer service (very professinal bunch) regarding the message that it seemed my order had been cancelled. It had not been cancelled it had just been caught in the crunch of a system upgrade. So there you go I have a second copy of a book (now read) that I will return tomorrow.

After I read the book "Cast in Courtlight" by Michelle Sagara which I enjoyed so very much. In fact if only the 2nd copy had been the 3rd I would have been a very very happy reader. Who knows when the 3rd will be released however....probably not till next year... *scowl*.

Hmmm what was I saying...oh yes after the book reading I did nothing.... NOOOthing... noTHING.... it was perfectly grand.

I'm looking forward to my vacation starting really soon...315 on Friday...but I'm not keeping track or anything. I probably should have kept the book that arrived today to read then I suppose.