Saturday, November 01, 2008

Snow could you!

Mardi Gras how could I have totally forgotten you? JM&J the street is crawling with dressed up drunken fools with lowered inhibitions and the inabiltity to use vocabularly larger that NFBSK in all it's variations.

Case in point: Snow White and the Pirate.

Snow White was either kicked out of a cab for gratuitous swearing, ran out of money and got kicked out or perhaps flagged down a cab with all of her companions then threw a hissy fit when all the dwarves fit in but she didn't make the cut and didn't call SHOTGUN in time.

Snow White (the slutty version) had quite the limited yet loud range of words to choose from, the poor freaking cab drivers needs to be commended for not running her a** over really. She was directing traffic at one point telling the drivers to " Go the NFBSK around you NFBSKing idiots, stop NFBSKing looking at me and drive you NFBSKed up NFBSKs.

The poor ol' Pirate just stood around looking mortified by the behaviour of his sweet (HA!) demure love bunny, I'm sure he would have walked the plank at any given moment or given himself up to the tick tock crocodile just to get away from his shrill, shrieking harpy of a girlfriend.

Snow White evenutally had her say or whatever the heck was on the go, the cab sped off and then she proceeded to toddle on down the road towards that mecca of excess that George St this weekend and I do believe I saw Mr. Meek Mild Milketoast Pirate moseying along as well.

No flaming hula hoops but it's only 12 AM so who knows what could happen yet.


PS. turn your clock back an hour