Monday, June 26, 2006

A Good Day

A day off work, not so notable when given the fact that I usually have every 2nd Monday off anyway. Taken in conjunction with the fact that today is a work holiday so tomorrow is a day off for me too...that's a good deal.

So beyond the sleeping in, which I enjoy so much that it should be a sin. I was actually productive too ! *shocked face*...I did laundry, I'm in the process of doing the whole, keep, toss, and charity thing with clothes/items from my room....freeing up a lot of space and I have a has grey needs to be vaccumed but I only focus on one thing at a time.

I received mail today...two was from Ireland and the other from Texas. The Ireland one was from a guy I know on a MB who I sent a bday card/postcards to as there is a group set up to do that. He apparently then went out and bought up what post cards there were in his general vicinity and has been happily sending them out hand over fist to all on that MB. The US package was a book I won on a blog contest...I had thought that I got the details wrong as originally I thought it was two books but when only one arrived (different author) I assumed that it was the only today was a happy day.

Wanna see my mail ???

Friday, June 23, 2006

Walk, walk and walk some more.

My feet hurt.

I've done a lot of walking this week. From Tuesday on I've gone for a walk at lunch time around a nearby pond at work. It's very relaxing and breaks the day up making it seem to go faster. Anything that makes the workday go faster is a good thing in my book. Then yesterday I went for a walk after work with a co-worker around the pond...we went twice. Now today I was all on my own....nary a co-worker wanted to go. They thought it was going to rain. I laughed in the face of impending rain drops and went on anyway. I got outside the building and nearly turned around. I persevered however and forged on ahead. I had a lovely rain free solitary walk. On this walk I was able to let my brain range free and think such thougths as.....that's a shifty looking squirrel and that submerged log looks like an aligator, it's good that we don't have aligators in NL. After work I walked to the gym and worked out, then walked 20 mins to a bus stop that would get me home sooner.

My feet hurt.

I have a long weekend...and extra long one if we are being honest. I should try and be productive or something and do fun things. I should go out and meet people. I'll probably do laundry and read.

My feet still hurt.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Attack of the Soup Can !

So the last couple of weeks have been pretty low key. If you don't take into account the fake poop sent in to my work place or the fake fire / alarm clock scare that necessitated the fire department being called to the building where I live. Pretty much the norm for me. Oh ! Of course my sister A was nearly brained by a can of vegetable beef soup that's pretty noteworthy.

The Mummy is on ! I LOVE that movie. I am not in the habit of rewatching movies, I'm just not. I blame my brother T as he is a frequent re-watcher he watched Batman so often when it was released on VHS that I had the darn thing memorized for a couple of years. The Mummy however hits that balance between 1940's - 50's adventure movie with a modern edge. I *heart* this movie.

On the book front I'm looking forward to picking up a couple of new books in the next few days. Both are paranormal storylines, I don't know that I would call them romances but I would think that they have that aspect in there.

I need a couple of new summer items for my wardrobe, not too many just another couple of tanks and one or four of those tops that you can wear over them to dress them up for the office/work. I've seen a couple and hope to get some this week. I really want something that looks like a shrug, are they still "in".

This week is jeans week at work, that should be fun I need to do a jean count tomorrow. I really, really and I do mean really need to clean my room. Do the whole toss out what doesn't fit, never fit, what the NFBSK was I thinking when I got that ! If I do the whole jean inventory tomorrow that may mean buying a new pair of jeans. I could handle that. Of course I'd need new shoes to go with the new jeans, and whatever tops I got...right ???

Carry your ladle and watch out for renegade soup cans.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lights ! Sirens ! False Alarm ?!

Hey today,

So I'm tired today...why am I tired today you ask ?

Well it might have something to do with the fact that at about the very time I was about to get myself ready for bed last night, just as I was in midst of last glance on snopes around 11 or so I hear sirens.

Not a big deal for my neighborhood....nope not at all, okay there are the nice flashing redlights...hmmm sirens have stopped....hmmm flashing red lights are just sitting outside....ACK they're right in front of my house !!!!

So I rush to the window, like ya would and I see them beating it in to the house next door (those new neighbors I KNEW it). The firemen pound up the stairs next door, my twin pounds down the stairs in our apartment, jeans hauled on pj shirt flapping, slowing down long enough to haul on shoes and jacket saying "I'm going outside!", I haul on my shoes and follow her as well. I get down to the bottom of the stairs, my twin is at one of the fire trucks questioning WTF is on the go. I stand on the step.

There are two *ahem* ladies standing on the steps next door, one of them is dressed, the other is well...ummm wow bras do come in handy on a day to day basis huh...maybe you'd like to close that sweater you are wearing over the almost sheer pj top you have on ?? No? Well then...I continue to stand on the step.

My twin comes back, still in the dark the firemen are checking out the building. They exit building right next door, and go in one building over, not one of the firemen approaches my sister or I to ask if we heard/saw/smelled smoke or anything, my twin goes over to hear what they are saying, I contine to stand on the step.

Twin returns and says "they were called because of a fire alarm", I leave the comfort, safety and luxury of the steps to wander over to the "ladies" it turns out dressed lady had heard an alarm she didn't know what it was so she called the FD, who are now milling around outside, I return to the step, where twin and I make plans to tackle a couple of the cute ones and drag them upstairs, but we have to watch which ones have axes.

Then the incident commander guy shows up from somewhere, he is talking to the ladies who called it in, I wander over to eavesdrop. He is telling them yes he heard "something, that sounded like an alarm clock"....OMG I had at least 7 years frightened off my life, I was making plans to evacuate the cats and possibly actually wake other sister up and it was a GD alarm clock !!!! *&^%$@#@! *&^%^&$#@ !

I go in, lock the door behind me and make my way upstairs, 3rd sister is sitting on the couch in her flannels, hair mussed, blinking, we let her know all is good, she's back to bed in a flash, the cats are beyond traumatized and are slinking around like nothing I've ever seen before. I say "hi bean" and he takes off upstairs like his tail is on fire. He then proceeds to peak around the top of the stairs to see the big scary person who dared speak to him. Sooooo 3rd sister is sleeping soundly, twin follows her example and is snoozing in no time, I'm riding an adrenalin rush and end up watching CSI Miami, and some sort of ultimate fighting thing which is really sad and disturbing. I'm up till 1, to bed to toss and turn for most of the night.