Friday, June 23, 2006

Walk, walk and walk some more.

My feet hurt.

I've done a lot of walking this week. From Tuesday on I've gone for a walk at lunch time around a nearby pond at work. It's very relaxing and breaks the day up making it seem to go faster. Anything that makes the workday go faster is a good thing in my book. Then yesterday I went for a walk after work with a co-worker around the pond...we went twice. Now today I was all on my own....nary a co-worker wanted to go. They thought it was going to rain. I laughed in the face of impending rain drops and went on anyway. I got outside the building and nearly turned around. I persevered however and forged on ahead. I had a lovely rain free solitary walk. On this walk I was able to let my brain range free and think such thougths as.....that's a shifty looking squirrel and that submerged log looks like an aligator, it's good that we don't have aligators in NL. After work I walked to the gym and worked out, then walked 20 mins to a bus stop that would get me home sooner.

My feet hurt.

I have a long weekend...and extra long one if we are being honest. I should try and be productive or something and do fun things. I should go out and meet people. I'll probably do laundry and read.

My feet still hurt.

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