Saturday, June 10, 2006

Attack of the Soup Can !

So the last couple of weeks have been pretty low key. If you don't take into account the fake poop sent in to my work place or the fake fire / alarm clock scare that necessitated the fire department being called to the building where I live. Pretty much the norm for me. Oh ! Of course my sister A was nearly brained by a can of vegetable beef soup that's pretty noteworthy.

The Mummy is on ! I LOVE that movie. I am not in the habit of rewatching movies, I'm just not. I blame my brother T as he is a frequent re-watcher he watched Batman so often when it was released on VHS that I had the darn thing memorized for a couple of years. The Mummy however hits that balance between 1940's - 50's adventure movie with a modern edge. I *heart* this movie.

On the book front I'm looking forward to picking up a couple of new books in the next few days. Both are paranormal storylines, I don't know that I would call them romances but I would think that they have that aspect in there.

I need a couple of new summer items for my wardrobe, not too many just another couple of tanks and one or four of those tops that you can wear over them to dress them up for the office/work. I've seen a couple and hope to get some this week. I really want something that looks like a shrug, are they still "in".

This week is jeans week at work, that should be fun I need to do a jean count tomorrow. I really, really and I do mean really need to clean my room. Do the whole toss out what doesn't fit, never fit, what the NFBSK was I thinking when I got that ! If I do the whole jean inventory tomorrow that may mean buying a new pair of jeans. I could handle that. Of course I'd need new shoes to go with the new jeans, and whatever tops I got...right ???

Carry your ladle and watch out for renegade soup cans.

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