Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Red Wine and Chocolate

Hey !

Let us bask in the glow that is two glasses of red wine shall we. A very nice Austrailian Shiraz, oaky, rich and yadda yadda yadda (ick did I just 'do' a Sienfield thing..ewwwww). Did I mention the alcohol content yet??? No ? Well let me say that the buzz is nice. I probably should have eaten before I had the first glass. We live, we learn, we have the hangover. Whatever.

I'm so ashamed of my recent obession...it's...oh my god I can't believe I'm saying it out loud...where people can hear me...okay one person...probably. General Hospital the daytime SOAP OPERA...I have to tell myself they are NOT real people..how did I get back on this never ending ride ???

Oh I know I was at the gym and someone had it on and I saw the couple that I was a fan of so long ago (like '99 early '00 long ago) Jason and Elizabeth they were together *eyebrows frantically dancing up and down*. Holy moly they finally got them together after all this time ??? And that my friends was when I was lost to the dark side...sad but true. I think a lot of my recent obession has to do with the fan board that I became a member of...I think some of them honestly believe that the characters are real...seriously they talk about morals, and councelling for marriages and interventions...it's both funny and sad. Funny because they are well wing nuts and sad because the site has a strict policy about flaming members so I have to behave if I don't want to get banned and since they have pretty great spoilers I have to stay away from the reply button....DARN their delusional souls.

So red wine...good...with dark chocolate..even better. Staying away from the GHH2 boards...pretty good.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Long time no post !

Hi, how are ya ? Good...good. Hmm me not up to much. Working away at my new job. The daily grind and all that. Good stuff, keeps me in books and shoes, not as many as I'd like mind you but the feet are stylishly clad and the bookshelves overflow so that will have to do I guess. :)

I need to work on my getting up in the morning skills, that and planning what to wear the next day the night before skill. If I can get that ready perhaps it won't be as umm 'stressful' and that chewing my breakfast might actually happen.

I saw an awesome concert last Friday night, INXS...great, great GREAT show ! This weekend I have a wine tasting/show thing to go to..that should be fun ! Wheee pass me the tylenol !

Okay so I think I'll be making regular appearences here. It's a great place to rant if nothing else.