Saturday, May 29, 2010

Plan - Read / Write / Review

I have the best intentions I really do. I enjoy writing, I especially like it when an idea, the passing notion blooms into something that has meaning. I'm often baffled after the fact when I read back, questioning "I wrote that?" "where did that come from". A spur of the moment idea seems to work best for me, not much prep time (I blame those last minute English assignments in high school), the bare outline/brief to complete and I'll get something out, on paper, in the ether to be viewed.

I adore reading, I can be obsessive about the books/storylines I do enjoy the most. I think I could get some good solid practice by writing reviews of some of my most favourite books. I think I'll try that in the next few weeks and see what happens.

I've course I'm a procrastinator, so I may never get around to it. I'll get the reading in for sure, I do have my priorities.


Friday, May 28, 2010

The Bottom of My Glass - Wine as a Writing Prompt

To be frank it was quite full.
I know I started in moderation.
Turns out I really don't have that inclination.

The label spoke of hints and flavours.
I just want the plot to savour.

I devour, in reading the work of others.
Too bad it can be measured in hours.

I'll raise my glass one last time.
Wishing you well and stories galore.

I'll be in the aisles waiting for more.


Holy Carp and assorted other expletives Laurita! How the frack do you write co-hesive and coherent poetry. My little attempt is neither and I'm in a cold sweat here!

That being said I have to give a big shout out to all the writers who I love to read. Both novel, blog, internet posts, post it notes and email and IM messages.

Most recently (as in last week) I had the pleasure of reading Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews, this was the fourth installment of a series that I've been waiting rather impaitently for; with incessant checking of my online order status in the last weeks for about a year!

I just am enthralled with the art of writing, and it is an art. My hat is tipped to all who have that magic that runs in their veins that allows them to throw words together to paint entire worlds.

Ah well you need the consumer. I'm a great, books, food, books, wine, books about food, books about wine.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tales from the step...

I moved in December, from a middle of it all, see everything centre city location to a still centre but way more residential area of the city.

I just want to make sure I never forget the years I spent with a view. I sent the below to my best friend after just one of the goings on. This happened late summer 2009 I think.

Soooo it's 410am this morning I was awakened by the dulcet tones of a group drunken guys either singing acapella as they made their ways to home and hearth (more likely couch and pass out) or perhaps they had gotten a collective boot to the crotch. Rather Screechy they were.

Speaking of screechy the draahma continued very shortly after, I heard the distinctive yowl of one of the neighborhood alley cats (human variety) I guess she had broken up with her girlfriend (Again) and she was kicking her out (Woman 1 & Woman 2)

W1 "If I ever sees you in my house again, if I ever sees you in my fing house by da F" "Get da F out"

The witty response to this opening sally near drove me from my laughter.

W2 "Lizzy!"
W1 "Gay!!"
W2 "Whore!!!"

I peeked out the window to see W2 trotting down Cookstown with several bags and if I'm not shoes on her feet. Makes me wish I could identify this people in the daytime but it does appear as if sunlight does repel certain groups...vampires...Bill searchers, Flaming Hula Hoop dancers...Feuding lesbians.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Compulsion (reposted)

I saw you counting today, over and over again the ritualized touching of each item as it was placed on the conveyer belt. Lips moving as you lightly brushed the metal of the cart and darting glance of your fingers over each of the things in front of you.

Hesitation your hand hovered as you reached for what must come next, what order must it go in, a deep breath, fingers clenching tightly no no you must count it’s important.

You watched as the cashier filled the bags, 5 in one 7 in another for the total of 12. A last minute grab at a pack of gum, a seemingly random selection to make the total 13 I wonder; perhaps the total has to add up to an even number 1 + 2 make 13 but 1 + 3 make 14.

You make your way out of the store, plaid jacket buttoned against the cold evening wind I wonder if you count the long steps home.