Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tales from the step...

I moved in December, from a middle of it all, see everything centre city location to a still centre but way more residential area of the city.

I just want to make sure I never forget the years I spent with a view. I sent the below to my best friend after just one of the goings on. This happened late summer 2009 I think.

Soooo it's 410am this morning I was awakened by the dulcet tones of a group drunken guys either singing acapella as they made their ways to home and hearth (more likely couch and pass out) or perhaps they had gotten a collective boot to the crotch. Rather Screechy they were.

Speaking of screechy the draahma continued very shortly after, I heard the distinctive yowl of one of the neighborhood alley cats (human variety) I guess she had broken up with her girlfriend (Again) and she was kicking her out (Woman 1 & Woman 2)

W1 "If I ever sees you in my house again, if I ever sees you in my fing house by da F" "Get da F out"

The witty response to this opening sally near drove me from my laughter.

W2 "Lizzy!"
W1 "Gay!!"
W2 "Whore!!!"

I peeked out the window to see W2 trotting down Cookstown with several bags and if I'm not shoes on her feet. Makes me wish I could identify this people in the daytime but it does appear as if sunlight does repel certain groups...vampires...Bill searchers, Flaming Hula Hoop dancers...Feuding lesbians.

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Laurita said...

Don't you miss the old days when you could look out your window and see a cop drama or b-movie without having to pay those outrageous cable bills? So much grist for the storytelling mill.