Saturday, May 29, 2010

Plan - Read / Write / Review

I have the best intentions I really do. I enjoy writing, I especially like it when an idea, the passing notion blooms into something that has meaning. I'm often baffled after the fact when I read back, questioning "I wrote that?" "where did that come from". A spur of the moment idea seems to work best for me, not much prep time (I blame those last minute English assignments in high school), the bare outline/brief to complete and I'll get something out, on paper, in the ether to be viewed.

I adore reading, I can be obsessive about the books/storylines I do enjoy the most. I think I could get some good solid practice by writing reviews of some of my most favourite books. I think I'll try that in the next few weeks and see what happens.

I've course I'm a procrastinator, so I may never get around to it. I'll get the reading in for sure, I do have my priorities.



Alan W. Davidson said...

I think that "I'll get something out on paper" and "not much prep time" are good concepts to get those first ideas on paper. I write my initial ideas on the backs of old work pages from the recycle bin. The next stop is to mold it into something better. We all procrastinate. The hardest step is getting those first words out on the page...

Laurita said...

For me, writing means reading. If I didn't read, I would find it very difficult to write. I think reading is a very big part in learning the craft - not in imitating other writers, but in learning your own voice and the rules of language.

Last minute stuff trying to claw its way out of your brain is always best.

My verification word is "Arseen". Doesn't that sound like a Newfoundland word?

Mental_Pictures said...

Quit yer 'arseen' around!! Jaysus you know that was yelled at us a time or two.


... Paige said...

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