Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Red - > Redder and better

So I went from this...as you can see from my last salon hair cut just a week after I did the Sangria...

To this lovely shade...black currant, and for the record it's hard to take a picture of your own hair in order for the colour to come out the way you want.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Missing Camera...The Case Of

So here I am, with awesome purplish/burgundy/black hair and BrainDroppings herself is demanding proof of said awesomeness. Not a problem says I for I have the digital camera, right next to me here in this pile of stuf...oh wait it's not there, the pile OR the camera.

Readersister cleaned last week, to be fair to her the clutter was getting to be epic and we Trio of Weird Sisters know clutter.

So 20 mins ago I decide to start my search, I moved, I lifted, I scrambled through stuff, I went "HEY, there's my red belt, that lip gloss, and a loonie ! Score !...ummm focus here...I am looking for my camera, that's a very important goal. Goals are important not as important as having change for coffee in the morning now, having pants that won't fall off me arse all the while having wickedly sexy lips but right up there.

So I give up I throw myself upon the not so tender mercy of twinofmine, I say plaintivley

"I can't find my camera"

Her response leaves something to be desired, it's a look, that look that she gives me when I am being particulary dense, not regular dense or crazy but particularly dense and oblivious.

"Have you seen it" I ask

She bends over slightly and picks up my camera,

off of the coffee table.


*head desk*

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Done Did it...I've Dyed

So twinofmine stepped up to the plate, or rather the chair, and helped me dye my hair this evening. I love it, love the darker, purplish tone of this shade I have to say. I'll charge the camera batteries so I can get a shot of this. It actually reminds me strongly of one of the salon colours I've had in the past which is great. Salon colour for $12 rather than the $50+ ..yay love it. I do miss having foils but maybe I can think about those once the braces are off.

Readersister has been movie / documentary watching lately, apparently Americans and their treatment of well..other Americans is really fascinating. It is by the way, the sheer money machine that the government runs on in regards to guns, smoking, health care, etc, the all consuming pursuit of the almighty Profit (fame/fortune) is beyond scary. *shudders*

For best results to be thankful to not be an American might I recommend Sicko ? American people are probably just like everyone else but their corporations/groups/cults/political lobbyists are pure evil. Yippee there's an election in the US and Canada right now too.

I should confirm which riding I'm in I suppose, I had a call last night from Telesomething or other re: the election. One of the questions was " Is the Danny Williams' ABC campaign likely to influence how you will vote" My answer of "Not in any way, shape or form" got the response of
*pause* "So highly unlikely then...."

I should go to bed, Monday morning arrives soon enough....

Irksome one on the MB has gone to ground, no wild claims, obvious fabrications, hurt yourself rolling your eyes reading it posts in like 3 whole days...she must not have figured out how to unbuckle the straps on the back yet.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

To Dye or not to Dye that is the question....

There is also the query of if I do in fact dye can I manage it all by myself if I have not done it before? If I do dye by myself (how lonely) it is sure to be messy, and it's red dye, Psycho in the shower anyone ??

I'm moving from Sangria a warm reddish brown to Blackcurrant a burgundy red brownish black and if you follow that well good on ya ! I suppose it could be worse, I could have long, luxurious, lawyer entraping, entangling hair that people get obsessed over but that never happens in real life.

Okay where was I red wine...I mean red hair, but there is red wine, right by the computer desk and I'm feeling a little under the weather and I deserve some wine. I wonder if twinofmine would be irritated if I 'stole' a glass or two.

Okay if I had a latte I would skip the wine but I don't have a latte I have red wine, well twinofmine has red wine...okay she had one glass more than when I started typing but what are ya gonna do...TELL her ??

Okay so I'm back bloggers of note (looking at you ya big brain dropping !) so lets be excellent to one another and update every so often, hmmKay ?

*note to missus on MB I frequent*

You are irksome. You are irking me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Finally !!

Jaysus ! HOLY freaking Nfbsk'd up sign in process...it has taken me and hour and 2 emails, 48 curse words and a pound of chocolate to log into this damn thing.

Oh well...I'M BACK !

with a candlestick in the kitchen, be afraid...be very afraid.