Thursday, September 25, 2008

To Dye or not to Dye that is the question....

There is also the query of if I do in fact dye can I manage it all by myself if I have not done it before? If I do dye by myself (how lonely) it is sure to be messy, and it's red dye, Psycho in the shower anyone ??

I'm moving from Sangria a warm reddish brown to Blackcurrant a burgundy red brownish black and if you follow that well good on ya ! I suppose it could be worse, I could have long, luxurious, lawyer entraping, entangling hair that people get obsessed over but that never happens in real life.

Okay where was I red wine...I mean red hair, but there is red wine, right by the computer desk and I'm feeling a little under the weather and I deserve some wine. I wonder if twinofmine would be irritated if I 'stole' a glass or two.

Okay if I had a latte I would skip the wine but I don't have a latte I have red wine, well twinofmine has red wine...okay she had one glass more than when I started typing but what are ya gonna do...TELL her ??

Okay so I'm back bloggers of note (looking at you ya big brain dropping !) so lets be excellent to one another and update every so often, hmmKay ?

*note to missus on MB I frequent*

You are irksome. You are irking me.


L said...

I love this. This was a great new post. It covered all the important things: Hair, wine, annoying posters. GASP! You forgot chocolate.

I still love it, but your next part has to be about chocolate.

Mental_Pictures said...

Well isn't the chocolate always implied ??? It's me after all ???

Ha Ha...okay red wine and chocolate or white wine and chocolate..