Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mr. Bus Driver :- /

Dear Bus Driver,

Yeah you in the route 3 who pulled away from the mall just as I was running up to the side of the bus, I was in swatting distance of your vehicle and I know that the other bus driver(s) saw me and did nothing. The works of you deserve to have those smelly people sit on the bus right at the front and talk at ya until you pass out !!! May all the ATW haunt your routes for the rest of the week, I hope every single person asks "Is this bus to --------?" when it's written right on the side of the bus. Special thoughts to that particulary snarky a** driving route 4 today...yeah you are a jerk, I've seen/heard you before, the girl thought you were pulling away and knocked on the door of the bus, she did NOT deserve the response "Problem ?" and then for you to say to her when she got on "Try to have a little patience" sir are an assface !! Yes an assface and you and your assface co-workers are nothing but a horde of washed up losers who probably flunked out of heavy equipment 101 and were relegated to remedial busdriving.

Whew at least that's out of my system. Other than that things are just peachy keen, gym going on schedule, shopping for the trip a little behind, still have to buy a tanning package and start the crisping/browning (deeper shade of beige) before the trip, taxes are still undone (whoops), work is busy but the day flies by which is grand. Just waiting to welcome the new niece or nephew.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Sure I'm not that interesting !

So it has come to my attention that people have been talking about me...and I'm boggled by this fact. I talk a LOT about people, usually in a non malicious, did you hear kind of way but now that I know that the tables have been turned I'm shocked...I'm appalled and I'm well I'm absolultey gobsmacked.

Okay so gobsmacked is a little over the top, it was more of a "huh, well if you want to go ahead make sure to mention that I'm mostly sane, but only on the second Tuesdays of February in the leap year."

I had a co-worker ask me if I had a tattoo the other week, we were in the elevator talking about how my sister wants one and she asked me as if she was fully expecting me to say "yes". I don't have a tattoo but if my sister gets one I might, not matching ones or anything creepy like that but I just like the idea. My thoughts on that are if I can keep what I want and why I want it in my mind for longer than it takes to make microwave popcorn then I'll take the next step and see if it's something I actually want to do.

Are people with tattoo's a certain kind of person, do I seem like a tattoo person? Those questions were swirling around in my head for the rest of that work day. Then I got over it. Things go so much better for you work/life/fun wise if you can just let things go. Now I'm very amused at the co-worker who asked time she asks perhaps I can say yes.

(there will however be no piercings, a nice stretched out dragon, or wilted rose by the time I'm 110 sure ! Bring on the "experimental" art....)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The best laid plans of mine..

Are soon in disarray, case in point the getting to work earlier well I'm on day two of that and still haven't managed it. I have however made it to the gym for the past three days, I'll be taking tomorrow off from working out because frankly I can't handle 4 days in a row upcoming bathing suit or not. I would have made a spectacular failure as a world class athelete.

"Well of course I didn't win those things take work you know ! And you have to get up early and I'm SO not about that !"

I'm listening to more classic rock lately due to the fact that I can't stand to listen to the top 40 radio station beyond the morning show. They still play a lot of the same songs over and over again of course but at least it's not the same 5 freaking songs for 4 - 5 weeks in a row. Today I heard Blondie's "Call Me" I haven't heard that song in ages, its a good song and I really wish I had been home to really crank it up and perhaps spin along in my computer chair (being careful of the drop between the dining room / living room of course). I cannot stand when the perky top 40 radio dj gets on and introduces the latest from the pussycat dolls "get wit u"...or some
similiar junk.

I do have to get up earlier tomorrow though I have to go in the opposite direction that I normally go to meet a co-worker. Not looking forward to trying to show a completly computer novice (by his own admission) how to log on to the off site computer system. Egads what is the world coming to if I'm showing people what to do !!!

I recommend a nap to everyone reading. All one of you.


Monday, March 06, 2006

Monday, Monday

So now that I've stuck that song in your head for the next two days...

Day off, not much accomplished beyond going to the gym and to the laundromat, but clean socks I now have clean socks...of my own ! For at least the next week I will not have to steal my sisters clean socks which I do on a regular basis. I figure though that since I do not fit into any of their clothes that sock stealing fulfils the sister clothes stealing clause of sisterdom.

I'm going to try something new this week, getting to work at 8 and leaving at 430 everyday it means actually getting the hell out of bed when the alarm goes off in the morning so I'm not sure if it will actually happen. It would however make my life ever so much easier which I'm hoping I remember at 630am tomorrow morning.

If I can leave work at 430 then I can get to the gym and home at a reasonable hour, not sure if I'm going to try for the gym every evening but I'd like a couple more sessions a week as the Cuba trip looms closer.

SWIMSUITS ! I bought a two piece on Sunday, a blue one it's prettiful, doesn't look too horrid on me and the price was right. I need at least two more suits and perhaps a saftey pin to hold the top of the two piece together as I know I will not trust that plastic clasp on the back....wait the tourist tag line is "Expose yourself to Newfoundland and Labrador" right not Cuba ? Oh see that's where I was getting mixed up.

So I want to get up at be at work for 8 I'd better go up to bed.

It wasn't a manic monday, it was definitely more of a laid back Mama's & Papa's Monday Monday.


Friday, March 03, 2006

I. LOVE. CREAMER. and other modified beverage tales :)

TGIF and all that jazz, although I don't particulary care for jazz so I'll have some rock instead, perhaps some Pearl Jam or even CCR.

Went out with a friend tonight for a latte and a laugh. The laughs are always on the menu, sometimes the latte (modified or not) doesn't always materialize but I'm a big girl and can adapt. My coping mechinisms include standing over the shoulder of the patrons in the coffee house and breathing really loudly through my mouth and heaving the occasional sigh until I unnerve them enough so that they will leave. GET OUT and STAY OUT...this is MY BOOTH.

After our latte's and continuing the laughter we went into the bookstore, randomly read some lists like did you know that one of the items left behind in one of London's lost items departments was a jar of bull semen ? Or how about two human skulls in a bag...or my personal favourite an urn with ashes in it. Now there's a item that you wouldn't want to have to look for. I imagine it was the evil mother in law of someone and finally after years and years of taking abuse from said E-MIL (evil mother in law) they just happened to "misplace" the wench on a stop over from Denmark to Euro-Disney as the E-MIL wanted her ashes spread from the tea cup ride as that was her favourite modified beverage. Go ahead leave your E-MIL's ashes in a foreign airport, you know you want to.

There is a man in the neighbourhood who has grown attached to a snowbank outside one of the fish and chip places. Whenever the snow clearing plows are around he appears from wherever (inside the snowbank perhaps like some sort of snowbank hobbit ??) and stands in front of the plow generally impeding them from clearing his snowbank. Weirdo. I usually watch this from behind my curtains and think thoughts like "weirdo", "snowman", "crazy a** ice chunk lovin stockin cap wearing plow baiter".

Thing I didn't expect to hear today "Yeah I'll be by shortly I just have to stop by Toys-R-Us and pick up a tub"....I laughed. Remember to read the ducks butt !

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Waiting to read

I love to read. I've been a voracious reader from oh I don't know grade 1 ? grade 2 ? I remember telling the teacher that I didn't do my reading homework because who needs to read it more than once. I then had the "pleasure" of listening to classmates who struggled with every second word read, oh the torture that turned out to be. I just couldn't understand as a 6 year old why they couldn't read the story correctly. Every. Word. A. Complete. Sentence. ARRRRRRRRRGGH.

Now today, I have access to the internet, it tells me what books my local bookstore have (should have) in stock, I can join author boards, I can read on-line reviews, I can make fun of books, I can get those wonderful, oh so very wonderful recommendations of books that perhaps I *gasp* might not have heard about and might not have *gulp* read.

I have a TBR (to be read) pile, I have a TBB (to be bought) list I have a book database that I fully intend to update one of these days if I can manage to start cataloguing without starting reading the first, second or third book I pick up. The library is one of my nearest and dearest friends where I can put books on hold, request books and way back when I didn't have a computer I could even go on line there.

Books can be an expensive habit/addiction, and now with this new "reader friendly" format (which is just shite) the book I could have gotten for $9.99 - $10.99 has jumped to $13.99 - $15.99 for a softcover paperback. I've become strict with my book budget money and I've resolved to not get any of those new reader friendly format books....I fully expect to cave of course when a book I actually want to read arrives so bound.

There are at least 4 books I'm waiting for right now (hopes for normal sized paperbacks) JR Wards "Lover Eternal" a novel of the black dagger brotherhood, vamp and the second in a series, the hero's names are over the top HA funny with Rhage (hee there's a h in rage), Zhadist and assorted other abused names but they are well written, with a good sense of humour and come on...I just like the vamps.

Next is Angela Knight's "Master of Wolves", again part of a series, he's a werewolf who can shapeshift into a large dog and is working with the police as a K9.... AK's writing is pretty little descriptive words for her...just like sex with sue everything is given it's proper name...

Melanie Jacksons "The Saint", errr part of a series (I seem to have a problem), where the fey live side by side with the "normal" people and the bad guys are really goblins. How do you say no to a goblin storyline..well obviously I don't know.

Kelley Armstrong's "Broken" back to Elena, the only female werewolf in existence and a mystery from years past, in London no less, it's Jack the Ripper (I think) there will be time travel and all sorts of mayhem and I can't wait !!!

Oh and Charlaine Harris, Susan Sizemore, the latest JD Robb, Nora Roberts newest trilogy (because there is always a new trilogy), Jim Butcher, Simon Green, Fiona Brand (please start writing like you used to), Kresley Cole, plus many many more.

Anyway I'd better run to check chapters online to see if any of the above are in yet...