Monday, March 13, 2006

Sure I'm not that interesting !

So it has come to my attention that people have been talking about me...and I'm boggled by this fact. I talk a LOT about people, usually in a non malicious, did you hear kind of way but now that I know that the tables have been turned I'm shocked...I'm appalled and I'm well I'm absolultey gobsmacked.

Okay so gobsmacked is a little over the top, it was more of a "huh, well if you want to go ahead make sure to mention that I'm mostly sane, but only on the second Tuesdays of February in the leap year."

I had a co-worker ask me if I had a tattoo the other week, we were in the elevator talking about how my sister wants one and she asked me as if she was fully expecting me to say "yes". I don't have a tattoo but if my sister gets one I might, not matching ones or anything creepy like that but I just like the idea. My thoughts on that are if I can keep what I want and why I want it in my mind for longer than it takes to make microwave popcorn then I'll take the next step and see if it's something I actually want to do.

Are people with tattoo's a certain kind of person, do I seem like a tattoo person? Those questions were swirling around in my head for the rest of that work day. Then I got over it. Things go so much better for you work/life/fun wise if you can just let things go. Now I'm very amused at the co-worker who asked time she asks perhaps I can say yes.

(there will however be no piercings, a nice stretched out dragon, or wilted rose by the time I'm 110 sure ! Bring on the "experimental" art....)


L said...

OK, I admit, I was talking about you. But it wasn't in the mean "Can you believe her!" type of way. It was in the nice, "she's my bestest friend in the whole world and she's so awesome" kind of way.

Am I forgiven. Forgive me or I'll smack your gob.

Mental_Pictures said...

Awww how nice of you ! Just so you know that kind of goes both ways I spend at least 4.5% of my salon visits talking about you ! :)

L said...

4.5%! Wow, you have that down to a science. YOu know, in a way not being talked about is worse. I'd rather people find me interesting enough to talk about. :)

And we all know how interesting you are in all your loonyness. :)

Mental_Pictures said...

4.5% was a conservative guesstimate really, it probably leans more towards 15 - 18% per visit, you usually are talked about after the decision of cut and color are made and before I get turned into a foil head.