Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mr. Bus Driver :- /

Dear Bus Driver,

Yeah you in the route 3 who pulled away from the mall just as I was running up to the side of the bus, I was in swatting distance of your vehicle and I know that the other bus driver(s) saw me and did nothing. The works of you deserve to have those smelly people sit on the bus right at the front and talk at ya until you pass out !!! May all the ATW haunt your routes for the rest of the week, I hope every single person asks "Is this bus to --------?" when it's written right on the side of the bus. Special thoughts to that particulary snarky a** driving route 4 today...yeah you are a jerk, I've seen/heard you before, the girl thought you were pulling away and knocked on the door of the bus, she did NOT deserve the response "Problem ?" and then for you to say to her when she got on "Try to have a little patience" sir are an assface !! Yes an assface and you and your assface co-workers are nothing but a horde of washed up losers who probably flunked out of heavy equipment 101 and were relegated to remedial busdriving.

Whew at least that's out of my system. Other than that things are just peachy keen, gym going on schedule, shopping for the trip a little behind, still have to buy a tanning package and start the crisping/browning (deeper shade of beige) before the trip, taxes are still undone (whoops), work is busy but the day flies by which is grand. Just waiting to welcome the new niece or nephew.

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L said...

You won't believe this but the exact same thing happened to me that day. Jon missed the bus and we caught up with it at the next stop. We hopped out of the car and ran. we were just a few feet from the door and the bus pulled away and drove off. He had to have seen us because if he didn't he's an irresponsible moron who shouldn't be driving a school bus. I'd hate to think what would happen if it were a child trying to get on. Could be disasterous.

So I feel your pain and join you in throwing bricks at idiot bus drivers.