Monday, April 10, 2006

Babies, Books and how about Shoes ??

Hey there,

Long time no post ! Didja miss me ? Huh ? Huh ? Likely not but I have returned to spew ungramatical sentences with misspelled words out there for general consumption. (please chew all thoughts completley).

Had a pretty fabulous weekend. I spent time with my best friend and her family which was really great. There was laughing, food, movies, more laughing, time with her kids, again with the laughing, some more food and if you guessed laughing you are correct ! I find it fascinating seeing parents deal with their children. I just don't get it they have to tread the line of nuturer, provider, disciplinarian, teacher, chief cook and bottle washer, referee, miracle worker, etc and so forth in such a manner that I would use up all the blog space. In the entire universe.

When I say I don't get it I mean my best friends kids are amazing, they are perfectly normal, which means they aren't perfect of course but they are from what I can tell, just miniature little people as opposed to other children who seem to be nothing more than air raid sirens housed in 9 year old bodies who will let the vocal cords rip if you accidently step in front of the tv when they are in mid trance.

Kudos to the parents who make it work and to those who don't enjoy Shady Pines.

Hmmm babies I held one the weekend a lovely little girl, and then this morning the joyous news that my SIL had a little girl herself and so I'm an aunt for the 2nd time and I couldn't be happier. I plan on shopping till the visa smokes tomorrow for all things girly yet not overly frou frou.

I added shoes to the subject line because I haven't bought a new pair if FOREVER and frankly I'm jonesing....I think I can hold it off till after my trip but I make no promises. I'd really like a new pair of black, low heeled go with anything from jeans to office wear shoes...or maybe a new suede pair...or maybe some cute mules...or something with a kitten heel...

I need to leave and drool over the shoes online now..perhaps I can feed the need with buying baby stuff. X's fingers and hopes for the best.

Whoopsie: I forgot the book part of my blog..I found out I won an ARC (advance reader copy) of an author I really enjoy from a series I started and was going to continue with and BONUS it's actually two books as the blog where I won if from is a different author so I'm getting her latest as well.

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