Monday, April 02, 2007

Here is a story of just a couple of the wackadoo's in my neighborhood a tale of an 'altercation' that occurred last night that I had a lovely view of from the safety of my living room window, not being so brave as to just stand around on street level and gawk like so many of my neighbors.

My sister got home at around 7 and as she was coming up the stairs she was calling to me to look out the window, I got up from the computer andstarted to say "why is there a fight or something" and as she was sayingYES I saw the two of them. Big guy in Blue (Blue) and skinny guy ingrey (Grey) were really going at it. Blue tumbled over Grey and Grey slammed Blue on the pavement and the whole Blue and Grey knot rolled around in the middle of the street, went something like this Blue, Grey, Blue, Grey, Grey Blue Bl....nope Grey blocking several cars who probably just wanted to get home and eat their cod bite specials, Blue gets the upper hand briefly and gets a few jabs in the head on Grey. Several on-lookers try to break them up and it takes 3 to do so. Grey gets up and is gone in short he disappeared like that I don't know...Blue is up, obviously addled from the few smacks to the head, he stumbles heading towards the corner store, corrects himself and wobbly makes his way down the intersecting one way street. All is quiet.

Right ????

How wrong you are. Grey is back ! Oh and he is mad ! He's armed ! With a.....desk ? What the fudge. He rounds the corner down the street Blue had stumbled over swinging what appears to be part of a student desk (I guess he's going to 'teach' his opponent a few things). This is where it gets boring unfortunately I can no longer see what is going on..but I did hear some muffled thumps that could very well be either the desk piece meeting the side of a building or the side of a particulary hard head....Awwww it was all over, just some random people standing around looking down the street probably comparing that to rackets past.

This occured at about 7pm much more palatable than the 4AM wake up call early Sunday morning....Yikes people come on !

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year it's 2007 !!!

Well another Holiday season is over once again....well except for the bill paying. This is where I am glad that I don't purchase a lot of stuff on my credit card....very very VERY glad. That however opens me up to the after Xmas sales and oh my those shoes are cute...and ON SALE ! Run Self....Run far far away. That and discovering online sale section.

I don't really do the resolution thing but the one thing I'd really like to improve is getting back into the gym routine as well as eating healthier but other than that...well what odds...I'll make my resolutions around Paddy's Day over some green beer or such that's more me...I think.

I hope everyone had a grand Christmas and that the new year brings nothing but happiness and joy.