Friday, March 03, 2006

I. LOVE. CREAMER. and other modified beverage tales :)

TGIF and all that jazz, although I don't particulary care for jazz so I'll have some rock instead, perhaps some Pearl Jam or even CCR.

Went out with a friend tonight for a latte and a laugh. The laughs are always on the menu, sometimes the latte (modified or not) doesn't always materialize but I'm a big girl and can adapt. My coping mechinisms include standing over the shoulder of the patrons in the coffee house and breathing really loudly through my mouth and heaving the occasional sigh until I unnerve them enough so that they will leave. GET OUT and STAY OUT...this is MY BOOTH.

After our latte's and continuing the laughter we went into the bookstore, randomly read some lists like did you know that one of the items left behind in one of London's lost items departments was a jar of bull semen ? Or how about two human skulls in a bag...or my personal favourite an urn with ashes in it. Now there's a item that you wouldn't want to have to look for. I imagine it was the evil mother in law of someone and finally after years and years of taking abuse from said E-MIL (evil mother in law) they just happened to "misplace" the wench on a stop over from Denmark to Euro-Disney as the E-MIL wanted her ashes spread from the tea cup ride as that was her favourite modified beverage. Go ahead leave your E-MIL's ashes in a foreign airport, you know you want to.

There is a man in the neighbourhood who has grown attached to a snowbank outside one of the fish and chip places. Whenever the snow clearing plows are around he appears from wherever (inside the snowbank perhaps like some sort of snowbank hobbit ??) and stands in front of the plow generally impeding them from clearing his snowbank. Weirdo. I usually watch this from behind my curtains and think thoughts like "weirdo", "snowman", "crazy a** ice chunk lovin stockin cap wearing plow baiter".

Thing I didn't expect to hear today "Yeah I'll be by shortly I just have to stop by Toys-R-Us and pick up a tub"....I laughed. Remember to read the ducks butt !

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L said...

YOu know what I heard? I heard that you love creamer. Which reminds me, we need to make another date for Pasta Plus.