Monday, September 29, 2008

Missing Camera...The Case Of

So here I am, with awesome purplish/burgundy/black hair and BrainDroppings herself is demanding proof of said awesomeness. Not a problem says I for I have the digital camera, right next to me here in this pile of stuf...oh wait it's not there, the pile OR the camera.

Readersister cleaned last week, to be fair to her the clutter was getting to be epic and we Trio of Weird Sisters know clutter.

So 20 mins ago I decide to start my search, I moved, I lifted, I scrambled through stuff, I went "HEY, there's my red belt, that lip gloss, and a loonie ! Score !...ummm focus here...I am looking for my camera, that's a very important goal. Goals are important not as important as having change for coffee in the morning now, having pants that won't fall off me arse all the while having wickedly sexy lips but right up there.

So I give up I throw myself upon the not so tender mercy of twinofmine, I say plaintivley

"I can't find my camera"

Her response leaves something to be desired, it's a look, that look that she gives me when I am being particulary dense, not regular dense or crazy but particularly dense and oblivious.

"Have you seen it" I ask

She bends over slightly and picks up my camera,

off of the coffee table.


*head desk*

1 comment:

L said...

Bahahahaha! That was too good. I especially liked the part about the belt and lip gloss. Glad you have an evil twin (or are you the evil one, I can never remember) to help you find your stuff. :)

Now pics of the hair please.