Sunday, September 28, 2008

Done Did it...I've Dyed

So twinofmine stepped up to the plate, or rather the chair, and helped me dye my hair this evening. I love it, love the darker, purplish tone of this shade I have to say. I'll charge the camera batteries so I can get a shot of this. It actually reminds me strongly of one of the salon colours I've had in the past which is great. Salon colour for $12 rather than the $50+ ..yay love it. I do miss having foils but maybe I can think about those once the braces are off.

Readersister has been movie / documentary watching lately, apparently Americans and their treatment of well..other Americans is really fascinating. It is by the way, the sheer money machine that the government runs on in regards to guns, smoking, health care, etc, the all consuming pursuit of the almighty Profit (fame/fortune) is beyond scary. *shudders*

For best results to be thankful to not be an American might I recommend Sicko ? American people are probably just like everyone else but their corporations/groups/cults/political lobbyists are pure evil. Yippee there's an election in the US and Canada right now too.

I should confirm which riding I'm in I suppose, I had a call last night from Telesomething or other re: the election. One of the questions was " Is the Danny Williams' ABC campaign likely to influence how you will vote" My answer of "Not in any way, shape or form" got the response of
*pause* "So highly unlikely then...."

I should go to bed, Monday morning arrives soon enough....

Irksome one on the MB has gone to ground, no wild claims, obvious fabrications, hurt yourself rolling your eyes reading it posts in like 3 whole days...she must not have figured out how to unbuckle the straps on the back yet.


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L said...

Lots of info in this post. Love it. I can't wait to see the hair. I'm glad it turned out the way you wanted.

I've also been thinking about the absence of annoying one. I have a feeling we're in for a bombardment of fabrications.