Friday, May 28, 2010

The Bottom of My Glass - Wine as a Writing Prompt

To be frank it was quite full.
I know I started in moderation.
Turns out I really don't have that inclination.

The label spoke of hints and flavours.
I just want the plot to savour.

I devour, in reading the work of others.
Too bad it can be measured in hours.

I'll raise my glass one last time.
Wishing you well and stories galore.

I'll be in the aisles waiting for more.


Holy Carp and assorted other expletives Laurita! How the frack do you write co-hesive and coherent poetry. My little attempt is neither and I'm in a cold sweat here!

That being said I have to give a big shout out to all the writers who I love to read. Both novel, blog, internet posts, post it notes and email and IM messages.

Most recently (as in last week) I had the pleasure of reading Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews, this was the fourth installment of a series that I've been waiting rather impaitently for; with incessant checking of my online order status in the last weeks for about a year!

I just am enthralled with the art of writing, and it is an art. My hat is tipped to all who have that magic that runs in their veins that allows them to throw words together to paint entire worlds.

Ah well you need the consumer. I'm a great, books, food, books, wine, books about food, books about wine.



Laurita said...

I enjoyed that poem! Very clever. And I agree that the very best inspiration is found in a glass of red wine.

Great post!

Mental_Pictures said...


I'm re-reading it now, not too bad for a first attempt.