Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Long time no post !

Hi, how are ya ? Good...good. Hmm me not up to much. Working away at my new job. The daily grind and all that. Good stuff, keeps me in books and shoes, not as many as I'd like mind you but the feet are stylishly clad and the bookshelves overflow so that will have to do I guess. :)

I need to work on my getting up in the morning skills, that and planning what to wear the next day the night before skill. If I can get that ready perhaps it won't be as umm 'stressful' and that chewing my breakfast might actually happen.

I saw an awesome concert last Friday night, INXS...great, great GREAT show ! This weekend I have a wine tasting/show thing to go to..that should be fun ! Wheee pass me the tylenol !

Okay so I think I'll be making regular appearences here. It's a great place to rant if nothing else.


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L said...

The getting up early in the morning skill and choosing what to wear the night before skill are very important indeed. Personally, I have to work on the put my clothes in the hamper or in the closet and not on my dresser skill. I'm not very well trained at all.

We are good at the drinking lattes while chatting skill. Let's give ourselves some credit.