Monday, June 26, 2006

A Good Day

A day off work, not so notable when given the fact that I usually have every 2nd Monday off anyway. Taken in conjunction with the fact that today is a work holiday so tomorrow is a day off for me too...that's a good deal.

So beyond the sleeping in, which I enjoy so much that it should be a sin. I was actually productive too ! *shocked face*...I did laundry, I'm in the process of doing the whole, keep, toss, and charity thing with clothes/items from my room....freeing up a lot of space and I have a has grey needs to be vaccumed but I only focus on one thing at a time.

I received mail today...two was from Ireland and the other from Texas. The Ireland one was from a guy I know on a MB who I sent a bday card/postcards to as there is a group set up to do that. He apparently then went out and bought up what post cards there were in his general vicinity and has been happily sending them out hand over fist to all on that MB. The US package was a book I won on a blog contest...I had thought that I got the details wrong as originally I thought it was two books but when only one arrived (different author) I assumed that it was the only today was a happy day.

Wanna see my mail ???

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