Friday, June 11, 2010

The Wilds

With my feet planted firmly I survey the panoramic view before me. Tall grasses bending in the wind, flashes of paths made by wildlife as the waves of verdant green surge and fall.

Wildflowers dot the vista, vibrant jewels glowing in the sun. The wild tangle of a vine winds, climbing the tree, reaching towards the sky.

I look down, the yellowgreen of roots turning to emerald about knee height, vibrant leaves that unfurl and bask.

I really need to mow my lawn.


Laurita said...

Bwahahaha! Wildlife from the back porch. Love it.

Can you come and mow mine too while you're at it?

Alan W. Davidson said...

Har! You had me sucked into thinking it was some beautiful, wild scenery along a coastal trail. Nicely done!

ganymeder said...

Loved this. Ironic that society wants you to mow down the wonderful vista in your yard; isn't it? I completely sympathize! :)

... Paige said...

yeah, ain't that the truth. right now it's so hot the street is steaming

Karen from Mentor said...

I think you should lie down in the grass for a while and look at bugs.

Love the word "unfurl" I used it today too.