Thursday, January 08, 2009

Heights of Ridiculousness

I consider myself to be an easy going personality, downright lazy most of the time in fact. I mean what's the point of getting all bent out of shape over what other people do or say. There is NO POINT for the most part. There is nothing wrong with sticking up for yourself of course as easy going / lazy does not = doormat. I've come to a point though where my annoyance at an online personality is getting a little bizarre. I've joined an undergrown guerilla group that was created from another persons annoyance with the entire situation fer christsake.

History: A poster on a MB I am a member of (more lurker than anything) is prone to frequent flights of fantasy that she posts as real life happenings, pleas, demands, whines for attention abound on a regular basis as well. If called upon to explain the wide and varied inconsistencies she will either A. Ignore request or B. scream Bully and let her posse* tear said person apart. What I don't get is that there seems to be so few people willing to call her on her shit. On an MB dedicated to debunking ULs and shady stuff no less. I'm more than boggled by that. I'm getting MAD at those supporting and as a wise someone said enabling her. Those that support her in fact are becoming worthy of ridicule now as well in my mind. "Well we know you just lurve so-and-so and that means you are not the brightest bulb in the world now don't we". Their opinions are not worth very much anymore which is sad because I thought one or two of the vehement were you and stuff.

I mean sometimes aggravation is good, it brings things to a head, things that are needed to be said get said and all that. The air clears and the world spins once again. HOW in the name of the Great Googly Moogly though can things come to a head when Ms. Liar Fabricator gets told how frigging wonderful she is at every freaking turn. It's all kinds of F'd up. She's F'd up, it's F'd up and now the board is F'd up.


I'm following the latest saga of her getting dumped by an online friend though, she complains incessantly about having NO friends and now she's getting dumped by one. Flowery verbal crap ensues on the board and she gets her props and I'm like..HEE HEE I know who you are talking about and I can't blame her. If you are THAT bad on a board I can't freaking imagine what you are like in a different venue/circumstance. Especially with your self involved ME ME ME all about ME ME ME MEMMEMMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEM schitch.

Anyway I'm putting her on ignore it's stupid how crazy this makes me, I am too wrapped up in it and it's just nuts. She makes me want to be a bully and that is not me. Or I don't want it to be. She's not worth this aggravation and again the mean streak that she brings out it me makes me want to tell her that fact.

Last word on it is that she is a crackpot and therefore to be avoided. I shall practice my avoidance skills from this blog post forward.



L.M. said...

Hah! I feel your pain, truly I do. Good luck with the avoidance, which has been pretty easy lately. Just prepare yourself for an onslaught of MEMEMEMEMEMEME in a little while.

What you need is a glass of wine. Not to be confused with whine.

L.M. said...

I'm commenting with comments and suggestions. :D I think you should blog about the guy passed out on your steps. Post haste.