Saturday, February 25, 2006

Snow Day !

Hmmm having lots and lots of snow today. Very much a stay inside in my pjs until almost 2 o'clock and only getting dressed then because I felt I had to.

The rest of this day has turned into a surf the internet until I feel my eyes may jump from my skull in an effort to just get a rest from it. Movies have been put on, first the background music of Independance Day as Will Smith fires off one-liners and kicks some alien a**.

Now it's The Day After Tomorrow, my sister decided it had a certain symetry to have the storm raging outside while on the small screen everything freezes and the world almost ends. Fun. :)

I think that'll do (pig ha ha ha) for my first blog. Might be back later to play around with this new (to me) medium.

May all your mental pictures be in focus.


L said...

I like that you started a blog, but can I make some suggestions for content? I would like to see some thoughts on what you see outside your house. I bet that would be interesting. :)

Mental_Pictures said...

Uh Huh..just starting off slow here, don't want to scare anyone, plus it's been really quiet today in the neighbourhood might have something to do with the storm...spring always brings 'em out though !