Monday, February 27, 2006

People are weird...and dumb, but mostly weird

So I'm a normal person *twitch, make violent stabbing motion with hand* or at least I consider myself pretty run of the mill. I live in fear that I would someday turn into one of those people that completely baffle me thoughout the day.

Today the Annoying Toothless woman, who once yelled at me for not helping her down some slippery steps promptly enough, (I shoulda helped her alright) was on the bus once again. She gets on the bus with a blue suitcase...a blue suitcase that now takes over from her two to three bags with cartoon themes for going to school. She starts talking as soon as she gets on the bus, it doesn't matter who she is talking to, she just natters on and on. Fortunatly I've learned the important bus lesson of no eye contact. For the love of god woman you complain of how hard school it might that have something to do with the fact that you are bringing LUGGAGE, although the wheels might afford better manuervabilty through the halls but really ! It's always whine, whine, whine, ask the bus driver every freaking morning if you can make route 24 because that brings you right to school and blah blah blah....and where the HELL are your teeth! The way your chin can go from normal chin position to right under your nose is just plain scary and wrong, you lose a 1/4 of your face when you do that chewing nothing thing you do.

Then this morning the ATW (annoying too..well you get the idea) makes friends with "Oh my god m'dear I gots an eye both eyes" woman...who then rubs her eyes....AWWWWW that's gross. I need my purell hand sanatizer please..STAT and bring me a cab while you're at it.

I respect the fact that the ATW is going back to school to do whatever...face gymastics ??? I'm just a little more than peeved by her annoying (to me anyway) personality. I will prevail and not cause mayhem on the bus though I will wander through my mental pictures of someday installing a remote control in her wheeled luggage and lead her on a merry chase, towards a denturist's office, over some stairs and away from the bus, always away from the bus.

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