Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Aftermath

Head pounds, a dry mouth whispers a plea for water, Dora the Explorer counts to 573 in both Spanish and English in a high pitched whine that breaks glass, the room continues to spin.

I collapse on the couch, the weight of my head is equivalent to the mass of a dark star, coffee is my enemy; light is my nemesis, Dora is an experienced mistress of torture. Damn her Uno, dos and tres to infinity.

I succumb to darkness once again, the lure of abandoned blankets to much to resist

..........Time Passes.....................

Good Morning! Okay so it's afternoon but still it's good right?!? No reason for it not to be good, oh look an educational kids program how cute and ummmmm educational! They are learning all sorts of things, even another language! I feel perfectly adequate today, what an afternoon for endless possibilities for things like naps! I love naps! I love coffee! I have a big cup of coffee, or I had one it was awesome..sooo caffeiny and full of sugar

......................Caffeine Metabolizes.........

cont'd next time, same hangover time same hangover channel.


L said...

I have only one thing to say - Blerg.

I have also learned that we do several things while tipsy:

PM a lot
Talk about Elton John a lot
Make shit up. :)

Let's do it again soon, minus one bottle.

Mental_Pictures said...

Heh, why let a little thing like the TRUTH get in our way is what I say.