Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wink the Drine, try The Ratbag in fact.

What a fabulous time at the wine show, I enjoyed myself immensely. I laughed very hard at several different things discovered the wonder of the decapatated houses of Fogo, (which I must see someday) the eyes have hills, if you ask someone if they've tried your Ratbag that they may in fact spit their wine out and that a Yellowbelly burger is quite good. Good company makes they day and I had some grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat company. Company is great. Company with clean ears is something too but I can't remember what.

Of course some things were arlready part of my wide range of knowlege like O'Reillys is awesome and strongbow is awesomer and live music is the best EVAR!

No hangover is good too, I think thats to be credited to the Yellowbelly burger and the approximatly 3 pounds of meat therein. That and two bottles of water, a cafe mocha and potato chips at like 1130pm.

Okay family is here must let mudder check to see if she has any $$ on the lottery. Back later to explore / expound on other stuff.



L said...

If your company has clean ears, then that's good company. :D

And I must agree that the company was good and so was the wine. And also no hangover, although I did get the hangover feeling around 9:30 last night, it was gone by 10:30 with the help of a coke and chips and dip.

Same place next year?

Mental_Pictures said...

Ha Ha, I ate the chips because I felt that hangover feeling as well.

Same place next year for sure.