Thursday, October 02, 2008


Woot !! Thursday has arrived, I love me some Thursday ! It's just sooooo...THURSDAY *shivers in delight*

Much to do now tonight, I have to avoid doing laundry, I have to go to the mall (walk ? bus ? cab ?) for an errand or 3, buy books that I haven't budgeted for, and probably pick up a bottle of wine. I think that's a very doable list.

Tomorrow I'm off for some of that there higher edumacation stuff and the big lernin' place that MUN spot, courtesy of work I shall become more informed on the effects and how to deal with Change Managment HA ! Little do they know that I manage change really quite effectively the sliver kind gets left in the bottom of my purse until I dislocate my shoulder and the pennies are left in small containers for those have a penny leave a penny things. See Change Management I should get a day off for that.

Monday's session looks awesome; Conflict Resolution, can I stop wars after Monday I wonder ? My brain power and one day session knowledge* can change the course of history !!!

Go ahead...envy me.


* like as if ! if the world is relying on sheer brain power from Moi that we are doomed, the doomiest doomed that have ever been doomed / doomable / dooming / etc and so forth in that annoying manner.

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L said...

Change Management. Hmmm. So if Mary gave you a ten dollar bill, and bob gave you thirty dollars in fives and loonies, and you owed them each seven dollars, how would you make that change?

Come on, manage that hot shot. :)

Hope your MUNday is better than the last one. I'm looking forward to conflict resolution. I'm gonna fight you to see what you do. Practice makes perfect.