Friday, October 10, 2008

Cod Britches etc...

Good evening all (all 1 of you) !

It's lovely Friday evening, I just got back from turkey shopping where I picked up among other things a turkey (surprise) some cranberry sauce (jellied), Tim Hortons hot chocolate and a bottle of red wine (Big Fat Llama). Oh and a lottery ticket because I told my brother that I would buy tickets with him a few months ago and now it's like THE thing to do. I get emails, I get calls I get reminders....but it's all good at least we talk like twice a week or more compared to months of no contact. So the less than $20 a week is A-Okay with me. Plus a very remote chance of winning something I'm so there.

So the subject line, I was taking a cab up Park Ave. in Mount Pearl earlier the week and this was on the sign in front of the fish market place, BRITCHES ? really ? Heads, tongues, fillets, cheeks, and assorted other body parts but never have I seen/heard anything about cod britches. I thought that was odd and notable. Where else would I comment on the odd and notable (*cough* Brain Droppings *cough*) but in my dear old Blagh...bloggity bloggity blog.

So new townhouses to look at tomorrow / weekend possibly very exciting, hope I find "Teh One". Of course I'll take the lotto win (that remote one referenced earlier) and buy a monstrosity of a house on Circular Rd and paint it purple and have the inside totally covered in bookshelves. Sweet dreams...sweet sweet bookalicious dreams.

BD if you are reading this I sent you two follow up emails on your query of last night please check your for receipt of same.

For the record the red Big Fat Llama is quite good. I recommend this wine. I can't wait for the wine show next week.

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L said...

Awww, those little cods look so cute in their little britches, and then you can eat them...delicious britches. Seriusly though, I have no idea what a cod britch (is that the singular?) is.

And yes, I got your info. Thank you muchly. You are a font of information, quite professional, and I look forward to working with you again.